Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chicago Football Classic 2010


The Chicago Football Classic 2010
Soldier’s Field
Saturday, September 18, 2010
Chicago’s Hottest Local Talent Concert
Chicago Lottery Contest
Shorty Mac   - 1st Prize Winner  - $500
 Left to Right:, Shameka, Shorty's Mother, Gus Redmond, Vice President, Music Quest, Shorty Mac, Artist and Marianne Eggleston, President, Music Quest
Grad School -  2nd Prize Winner - $250
 Left to Right: (1 and 2) Grad School member, Gus Redmond, Vice President,
 Grad School member, Marianne Eggleston, President, Music Quest and Grad School Member

Contact: Music Quest
Phone: 312-363-7980
Music Quest Communications Announces
Chicago’s Hottest Local Talent Concert Winners
from the Chicago Football Classic 2010
<="" talent="" the="" this="" tim="" was="" were="" winners="" year="" –="">The Illinois Lottery sponsored the winning artists with generous cash prizes to encourage them and recognize their special artistic ability. Shortie Mac (hip-hop) was the 1st prize winner of $500. His song and dance, "Do The Shorty Mac", won over the hearts of judges and audience. Grad School, (gospel/hip-hop/r&b group), performed their song "Stomp" and took the 2nd place prize of $250 with ease.
The artists winning performances was selected by an esteem host of judges: Dana Divine, WGCI- Radio Announcer, Queen, Host of the entertainment show, Full Circle on, and Eric Stith, an Event Promoter. The concert was video taped by Soldiers Field. The two winners' footage was aired on the football field's Jumbo Tron. The audience was able to view and then vote for their favorite artist by text message.

Power 92 radio station also participated by posting all eight of the contestants on the Power 92 website with their photos and mp3s. The contest, Power 92 Fans Favorite: "You decide-vote for your favorite local Chicago Football Classic Artist by voting online." One winner was selected by Power 92's audience. Temper was voted the #1 Fans Favorite, and she was awarded $250.

"Several years ago Larry Huggins saw some of Chicago's hottest artists at a festival. He was surprised at how great their music sound. Larry inquired about creating a similar concert at the Chicago Football Classic along with their other activities," said Gus Redmond, Music Quest, Vice President and Talent Producer.

The concert consisted of eight local Chicago artists. Headlining the show was super talented r&b and soul artist Slique. He performed his hit songs, "My Body", "Movie" and “Addicted”. "Slique is definitely on his way to superstardom at the rate he's moving," noted Marianne S. Eggleston, President, Music Quest. Also, Antonio Echols (Hip Hop) and Paschan (R&B) opened before Slique came on stage.

Other artists included on the stage of Chicago’s Hottest Local Talent Concert were: Kompl3te - R&B, T.L. Williams - Neo Soul, Special Education - Hip Hop, Shortie Mac - Hip Hop, Temper - Hip Hop, Grad School - Hip Hop, Ayona - R&B, and DJ Solo & Tha Pope Dance - Hip Hop.
Take note, all of these artists were chosen for the show from the many festivals, events and in-school program concerts here around the Chicagoland area through-out the past year where Music Quest was the talent producer. will air the artists performances and live upcoming interviews on the Paschan Show. So, stay tuned for a chance to hear all of their great music again.

For further information on any of the artists please contact Music Quest Entertainment, Gus Redmond at 312-363-7980 or by email at