Sunday, February 26, 2012

Join the "1 MILLION DONOR CHALLENGE" & Support Organ Donation!

Miracle For Life Network

I want to personally invite you to join us for the Black Sapphire Awards show!

Join our "1 Million Donor Challenge" and attend the “2012 Black Sapphire Awards” at Caesars Entertainment's Bally's Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, September 14 and Saturday, September 15, 2012. 

The Miracle for Life Network (MLN), is a organization that shines recognition on those who dedicate their lives to the advancement of medical science, eliminating health disparities, and transplant surgery, including transplant patients and donors. The "2012 Black Sapphire Awards", ceremony honors the people who make these accomplishments a reality.

We are also kicking off a national campaign "1 Million Donor Challenge" and "Nominate A Miracle Maker" in your local community. So stay tuned, the "2012 Black Sapphire Awards" wants to honor true "Miracle Makers" who have made a difference in someone's life.

On Friday night the Red Carpet will be rolled out for a lavish Black-Tie Meet and Greet Dinner where attendees can have a conversation with Dr. Charles Modlin, Jr., MD, MBA, Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Board-Certified Urologist, founded and directs the Cleveland Clinic Minority Men’s Health Center (MMHC) and is Executive Director for Minority Health at Cleveland Clinic. He is the sole African-American transplant surgeon in Ohio and one of only roughly 20 African-American transplant surgeons in the United States and a recognized national leader for the Elimination of Minority Health Disparities.

Saturday evening's elegant grand finale is the, "2012 Black Sapphire Awards"! This event recognizes extraordinary people and companies in the medical field and those who have donated an organ or received an organ.

Visit the Miracle For Life Network's website and "Nominate A Miracle Maker" from your community. We will fly them to the Black Sapphire Awards to receive the the honor they deserve.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Whitney Houston, gone way too soon!

Whitney Houston, gone way too soon!


My deepest prayers goes out to her family!
I know the pain is too much
for both family and friends.

I have cried so many tears . . . .
But, it is going to be alright now . . . . .
She is in the hands of her maker!

Michael, I am praying for you,
'cause I know you deeply loved your sister!

May she rest in peace!

Marianne Eggleston
MQ Public Relations