Sunday, June 4, 2017

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rich?

Most of us don't really understand how the rich get rich and the poor just keep getting poorer. Everyday life can be really hard when you don't have even enough money to eat.

I often hear the question asked, how did he or she do it? Their family left them money. My family did not leave me a dime. I had to pull myself up by my own bootstrap, and I didn't get help from anybody.

Well, first and foremost there is a trick to getting rich and trust me it is not easy. Just because you have a college education, skills or even been working for 20 years it's tough. You have to know how to multiply your income.

It is true that working all of your life will not make you rich unless know how to hold onto your money and not give it away and/or throw it away. Like most of us do every day. 

I love to spend, spend, spend, spend and spend all of my money. A few weeks ago I had $1,000 in my bank account, and by the weekend I was down to $27.49. I almost fell on the floor . . . I did actually!

I looked at my bank statement online and the results: paying bills, eating out, buying gas, buying food and eating out, and buying stuff that I did not need. I can only wear one pair of shoes at a time and the others are just sitting in the closet. For what? When I am ready to use them! Also, loaning and giving money to people who I know I will never get a return on my investment (ROI). What a waste. Now, I am right back where I started, hustling to go to work and make some more money!  What a joke!

I began reading this book and slapped myself upside the head...STOP IT! 
Just STOP IT. I want to be rich and poor with an entire closet full of shoes. I want a new Mercedes, but I don't want to be broke trying to pay the $700 car note. When you buy a Mercedes you should not have to worry about paying the bill every month.

I see so many super cars here in Florida, but guess what...many of the luxury owners have jobs trying to pay for a BENZ or BMW. That's crazy!

If you want to GET RICH you have to learn how the RICH GET RICHER! Do what they do, then and only then will you stop being poor and broke.

Then and ONLY then can you said, "I own my BENZ!"

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017